Thanks to Ann of Platinum Brits for taking us under your wing and helping us learn about this wonderful breed and for your confidence in us. Your ability to breed and then nurture and socialize your babies prepares them for their forever homes in a manner that ensures the happiest kittens. Our kittens came to our home filled with confidence and a comfort that enabled them to remain happy with their transition to us and our other animals. And what beautiful kittens they are! They're happy, well adjusted and the mose delightful kittens that I have ever experienced. Thank you Ann for making this all possible. You have set the bar for all that follow you.

**Lynne and Connie    Farmington, MN

We have been so happy with our amazing cat Charlie Birch. We brought him home at about 7 months old and were instantly smitten. Ann obviously spent quite a lot of time socailizing him. He came to us confident and relaxed. The transition into our home with 2 other cats has been smooth because he has impeccable manners. We loved most that Ann trusted us. We were in contact with other breeders, and met other people that didn't care where their kittens went, or felt like we were being given an unnecessarily long and aggressive questioning period before even getting any information about kittens. Ann allowed us to give her all of our information, and gave us an opportunity to get a kitten that met our specific needs. He is a dream boat and we love him so much and couldn't sing higher praises for him and Ann! Thank you!

******Emily C. Minnesota********

Dear Ann, Thank you for such an amazing kitten! He really is the best kitten we have ever had. So friendly, playful, bold and loving. Just wonderful! The care and love you have put into these animals is so evident. We are so glad we found you and your amazing cats.He has been with us for 4 weeks and has settled in so so well! He is perfect! Thank you!

**Hayley, Wyoming, MN**

We cannot thank you enough for this good boy! He has been amazing! It is obvious the amount of time you have given your babies. Moses fetches and sits up for us. We couldn't be happier with him. His personality is that of a puppy. He follows us everywhere, does tricks and wants to be with people when we have a house full. He is so purr-fect for us. Thank you Ann for the time and care you put into your litters. We are thankful for your help and the professional information we were given. You're the best!

***Kathleen Hansen, Wisconsin

"I've wanted a British Shorthair of this color for years. Not only did Platinum Brits give me a beautiful kitten, he is also one of the best socialized and friendliest cats I have ever owned. You can tell he came from a place that took good care of him, and he has been a wonderful addition to our home."    

**Lesley R. Houston, Texas**

We are the proud new owners of Platinum Brits Steven Oleg and we are in love! The dream began for us when we were pretty newly married about 15 years ago. My husband kept saying that he had always wanted one of those 'stocky' cats with the big heads. A few internet searches later, we learned they were called 'British Shorthairs.' This dream finally came true for us in 2016 when we encountered Platinum Brits and contacted Ann. We visited her at a local cat show and met Stoli who would eventually be the proud papa of our little Steven! The entire experience has been wonderful for us. Steven was already exposed to other cats and a dog in Ann's home which made the adjustment to our home a breeze. He's finding all the best places to nap and enjoys play time with his kitty brother. He is such a beautiful and sweet kitten and we are overjoyed to have him in our family. We also appreciate that Ann is always there for us when we have questions or just want to share the latest news or pictures of our boy. We feel like our family is finally complete and we couldn't be happier! 

**Sabrina F.   Oakdale, MN**


  Where to even start?  I have been looking for the perfect British Shorthair since I saw my first one over 20 years ago. My husband and I are both Veterinarians and have very high expectations when it comes to adding new family members.

Our expectations were exceeded by Ann and her Platinum Brits!

Besides being healthy and well socialized, Ann's house is an example of how all kittens should be raised. Spotless living conditions, lots of love, a devoted breeder and tons of family time.

The kittens are just destined to be superstars.

My Filson is the best cat, EVER!!!!!  He loves to fetch, cuddle, and have his tummy rubbed. He has full run of the house and entertains us with his playful antics. He's Mr. Social when the doorbell rings and guests come to visit. He's always front and center, making friends and delighting everyone he meets. He rules my house and has no fear of my enormous Great Danes!!

Thank you Ann for getting me the perfect kitten. I look forward to spending many, many years with him! Our family is now complete!!

Angie Johnson, DVM     Orcas Island, WA 

The love and care expressed to the kittens by Ann was obvious to my husband and I when we visited Layla at Ann's house. The house was spotless and all cat and kitten areas were well thought out. Layla came to us litterbox trained and new people are openly welcomed by her. She loves to be combed and is calm when having her nails trimmed. She is just a joy! Ann is the best! Always available, informative, and answers questions quickly. She has a true love for her babies and we could not be happier.

**Judy T.   Minnesota**

We are so grateful to Ann and Platinum Brits Cattery for helping us find our beautiful Blueberry! Ann was very helpful and accomodating through the process. She sent us frequent updates and pictures of our kitten and after we picked her up she kept helping us by answering our questions. Blueberry is a great addition to our family. She is very loving and curious, and extremely social! She loves being around people and has developed a fun personality that is always eager to play and explore. Everybody that sees her comments on how beautiful and friendly she is. We couldn't be happier with our little cat and the experience we had at Platinum Brits!

**Caty and Mike, Chicago, IL**

It's been 1.5 months since Lady Grace arrived to our lives and we can say that our home has been filled with her joy and love. When my husband contacted Ann for the very first time, he explained to her what we were looking for and she was not only understanding, but also very knowledgable about the characteristics of this breed, which made it so easy for us to make the decision. For months Ann sent us pictures and videos of our baby girl to show us her development, and answered our many questions (actually, she still does very kindly). That really meant so much! The day we went to Ann's home to pick up Gracie we  felt warmly welcome, like we knew her for a long time. She took the time to show us Gracie's parents (both gorgeous kitties) and other family members. We could see how loving Ann is and all the kitties are tremendously well taken care of. Ann, thank you very much for choosing us to adopt Gracie; you made us so happy.

  ***Maria and Angel, Chicago, Illinios


 My husband and I could not be more thrilled with our lovely handsome prince "Vidal" from Platinum Brits Cattery. Having driven from Ohio to pick up our kitten, I have to say he was well worth the money, time and drive. He was also a complete angel on the long ride home in the car. Buying a kitten out of state can be very unnerving, but I have to say that Ann was very easy to work with, extremely accomodating, and made the whole process seamless. Her house is immaculately kept and the kittens are well loved members of her household. It is obvious that she takes such good care of her cats as I witnessed one of her (retired) long time resident Brits (19+ years old, still looks amazing, and going strong). Our kitten was so well socialized that he was very easy to acclimate into our house with our resident cats, all the other weird household noises; such as the vacuum, TV, ect; and he was extremely accustomed to being picked up, doted on, and loved.

Jennifer Fox   Akron, Ohio


I love Ann and Platinum Brits! When you get a kitten from Ann, you know that you are getting the most well cared for, loved, and socialized kitten that you could ask for. When we wanted to expand our family with another fur baby, we found the perfect place to get a kitten when we found Ann. She was awesome to work with-she always kept us updated with pictures and sweet messages as our kitten was growing. We still keep in touch to this day! As for our kitten, William, we could not have asked for a more wonderful addition to our family! SO sweet and loveable-he has melted our hearts (and melts the hearts of anyone who meets him!) I know that this is all because of the care and love that Ann has for her animals. Thanks Ann for giving us our wonderful baby!!

**Sam, Karl and William  Plymouth, MN**

  To anyone who is on the fence about adding one of these beautiful cats to their family.....DO IT!! Our Sadie is now 7 months  old and she has been a joy every step of the way. Ann has been a great source of information and I could tell immediately by talking to her that she invests a lot of time and love in her cats. I feel very fortunate that Ann chose us to adopt one of her kittens. Sadie is truly spectacular, very engaged with everyone in the family and beautiful beyond words. She is truly a superstar to all who have come in contact with her!

**Tamara-Pass Christians, MS**

                 Best Cats and Best Breeder!!

Our family could not be happier with our experience and our beautiful kitty boy, Mateo. I had always been drawn to the gorgeous coloring and faces of the Silver Tabby British Shorthair, but our priority when searching for a new kitty was personality and how a breed would fit into our family. To my delight the personality of the British Shorthair is as fabulous as the appearance. I found Ann's cattery with an internet search and, in a nutshell, we chose each other. Ann is very particular about the homes she lets her babies go to because she pours her heart and soul into each kitten and truly loves them! They are the most loved, calm, confident kitties because of the positive beginnings they have while in her home. She sends frequent pictures, videos, and updates of the kitten for months until the baby is ready to make the transition to his new home. Our boy Mateo was immediately drawn to my 2 girls (11 and 13) and has become an eager companion and playmate to them both. One of the best things about Mateo is that he loves and wants to spend time with each of our family members. He makes sure he "hangs out" with each of us as the day progresses and it is always a guess who he will choose to snuggle and sleep with at night. He is sweet, gentle, playful, loving, cute beyond words and the true STAR of our family. We are so grateful to Ann for all the love and attention she bestowed on our boy before he came to us! Best Cat and Best Breeder Ever!!

***Sue Speich, Bettendorf, IA

It had been a year since we lost our dear family cat, Muggins. Still reluctant to replace him (you could never "replace" Muggins) the house was clearly starting to miss a feline presence. I took an online quiz, "what is the best breed of cat for you?" It turned out that my "best breed" was British Shorthair. It must have been fate because from that moment on my family was set on a course that led us to Ann, Platinum Brits, and Percy, the most wonderful kitten we have ever shared our home with.

As luck would have it, Ann just had a kitten become available. He looked so distinctive and happy in the photo that she sent. We made a trip to meet Ann and Percy. The care that Ann's kittens receive is beyond exceptional. She personally cares for all her kittens and with her extensive experience in a Veterinary Clinic she makes sure that her cats are in excellent physical and emotional health.

Ann's love of cats permeates all aspects of Platinum Brits. When we came to pick up Percy we were given so many helpful and thoughtful items. Besides a scrapbook of Percy's young life and medical records, Ann gave us the latest literature on cat care, a bag of great cat toys, food and litter samples (enough to get us started) a terrific scratching post, a nail trimmer and a homemade baby blanket which Percy loves. It was clearly difficult for Ann to part with one of her beloved kittens.

We were interested in having a family cat with a warm personality and Percy certainly fills the bill. I can not recommend Ann and Platinum Brits highly enough. Cat loving friends always want to know where we got such a fascinating cat. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Ann. And if you have to wait to get one of her kittens, believe me, it will be worth the wait.   

              Jeffrey Brooks


 I started my search to adopt a Brit when my sweet blue passed away. I visited many British Shorthair sites but was struck by Platinum Brits website which gave me an inviting view of the cattery, kittens and breeding pairs in the comfort of home and family. I also found high reviews of this cattery by the national feline associations.

I was able to adopt Violet, a beautiful and typey silver tabby and found her happy and well-socialized with the family. The environment for the kittens was loving and immaculate. The "father" cats were also loved and lived in clean and free environs.

Ann texted me frequently, along with photos and updates of my anticipated new kitten. I can only highly recommend Platinum Brits!

Sonja N. Madison, WI

   We are SO pleased that we have one of Ann's British Shorthairs. Frankkie is playful, always up for company, and gets along nicely with

    our other two cats. She instantly purrs when handled or pet. I often describe her to people as an angel laying on a cloud. Her coat is

    softer and more luxurious than any cat I have ever known.From the time we put our adoption paperwork in, Ann gave us regular

    communications and photos of the now love of our life. Frankkie came to us furnished with her favorite toys and food recommendations.

    Ann remains completely accessible to any questions we have or if we want to share a fun photo of Frankkie. Ann is a true professional

    both for her cats and her customers. She is a six star breeder out of five stars!!

    Anne Marie Leland and Barry Shaffer, Faribault, MN

    Our Tobi is the most wonderful boy ever!!!! He is the most gentle and sweetest kitten I have ever known. He adores all people and all animals. He

   is playful, full of energy, and very loving. He came fully potty trained and doesn't scratch any furniture ever. Everyone that meets him is enamored

   by his loving personality!!! Our Vet refers to him as a superstar, when commenting on his health and demeanor. I can not emphasize enough how

   amazing our experience has been with Ann and her beautiful Platinum Brits. From day one she has been exceptional with her patience, caring, and 

   understanding. She worked with me for two years while I waited for the perfect time to bring home our new family member. Our expectations were

   exceeded with the entire experience. Ann is an exemplary breeder and guardian. Her home is immaculate and the kittens are extremely well cared

   for. She will work with you from start to finish to help you get home safely with your new family member. It will become obvious very quickly what

   a great breeder she is when you meet her and your new kitten. Without hesitation I would recommend her Brits for any home. Tobi is our forever

   friend and the best boy ever!!!   Ryan Planck, Michigan

   I can't say enough good things about Ann or the boy I got from her. Ann sent me lots of pictures along the way and never made me feel like I was pestering her when I

   would ask for an update. She's very open and inviting. Her cattery is clean, spacious, and the cats are obviously well loved. My boy is beyond perfect! I love him more

   than words can say. He's charming, social, and smart. He blends in with my other cats perfectly. He's so gorgeous, everyone loves him! I have worked at a cat only

   Veterinary Clinic for 16 years and have worked with several other breeders for the cats and kittens I have added to my family over the years, without a doubt I would

   recommend Ann and her cats for anyone considering adding a kitty to their home.  Lisa Stempniewski, Wisconsin

     We are SO happy we found Ann! Not to say anything about all other breeders, but Ann and her cattery stand out in stark contrast to the other breeders we tried to

    correspond with. And as a family looking at having a fur baby for the first time ever, believe me, the levels of anxiety were running high on our end to make sure we

    were well-prepared. From the very beginning, Ann has been communicative, open, and responsive-even before any discussion of cost or kitten availability came up.

    Ann goes above and beyond for her sweeties and you can see the difference because her four-legged sweeties positively thrive. From the videos and photos she has shared,

    it is apparent the quality of care Ann provides is of the highest degree. Throughout the engagement as we waited for kitten season to begin, Ann always answered our emails

    and texts. Even now that Marshmallow has been with us for a bit, Ann is responsive still, addressing all of our questions and concerns. Every single one of them :) Prior to

    our first meeting, she sent us periodic updates, reviewed kitten homecoming needs, and offerd suggestions to help ease the transition for all of us. She even provided a

    helpful binder of information and most importantly, all the pertinent kitten history we would need to continue proper care of our new fur baby. Our Marshmallow made the in

    cabin flight and car ride home with ease. Everyone, from the TSA, fellow travel passengers, family, friends, Vet and Vet techs, who have seen Marshmallow fell in love and

    were frankly amazed at her temperament, tolerance, and absolute loving nature. Marshmallow is unlike any cat they know of---even those who have cats!  I'm talking non-

    stop purrs here. I attribute Marshmallow's perfectly sweet disposition fully and completely to her upbringing by Ann. With such a foundation built upon this level of

    nurturing, fortified with Ann's sincere dedication to the well-being of all her cats and kittens---Platinum Brits is truly a stellar cattery. I could not have asked for more.

     Mandy, Texas